Rebuild & Resize

Do you know how to effectively deal with succession planning, downsizing and other departures?


Managing a big workforce is often a very difficult task. In order for your organization to thrive in the long-term and retain qualified individuals, a roadmap must be laid for what the organization will do in the future to maintain success. By setting in place a succession plan, an organization will better understand who will be best suited for key positions within the company. Through succession planning, the organization can identify and recruit talented individuals while at the same time developing their knowledge, skills and abilities through training and development. After establishing future goals, being prepared for the unknown such as dealing with downsizing, handling terminations, planning for retirement and addressing employee turnover are all key factors that need to be carefully examined.

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Before you begin restructuring your organization, it is important to think over the following questions:

  • What kind of succession plan does your organization currently have?
  • What type of retirement plan do you offer your employees?
  • Has your organization experienced an increasing number of employee turnover?
  • Does your company have exit interviews that ask for employee feedback?
  • Does your firm have in place policies and procedures when handling terminations?
  • Does your organization have an action plan in dealing with downsizing and restructuring?