Keep People

Are you providing a work environment and leadership that fosters engagement and retention?

As a leader in an organization or business owner, you play a key role in creating a positive work environment. You not only set the tone for the organization through your behaviour and actions, but are also responsible for ensuring that organizational practices promote a healthy work environment.


Work environment and strong, positive leadership will help you retain employees. We have already discussed the high costs of employee turnover. A positive work environment can also help you to attract and retain employees who may be tempted by higher salaries at one of your competitors. It is not all about the money – although salaries should be competitive, a strong employer brand can go a long way to helping you keep the best. The younger generation is also attracted to the job and the environment more than the salary. A recent US study of 14 – 18 year-olds, 78% said money “was less important to them than personal fulfillment”.

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