Find People

Are you recruiting in ways that will attract the right people to your jobs?

This section focuses on the recruitment piece of growing your workforce. Getting the right people on board not only involves selecting the best candidate, but ensuring that they have applied for the job in the first place! Recruitment is defined as the “generation of an applicant pool for a position or job in order to provide the required number of candidates for a subsequent selection or promotion program”.


The key reason people leave organizations today is the “lack of cultural fit” – a misalignment between the individual’s values and the values demonstrated by the organization in which they work. At the same time, individuals who join your organization need to have the right technical skills and abilities to complement your current team and expand our organizational capability.  In your recruitment and selection activities, your goal should be to hire the applicant who possesses the knowledge, skills, abilities, or other attributes required to successfully perform the job being filled. This means ensuring that you solicit the “best of the best”, identify key candidates and then successfully “close the deal” through your hiring process.

To help you ensure that you are attracting the right people to your open positions from broad sources of talent, in the most cost-effective way, this section focuses on how you can:


Before you begin to find people, it is essential to have effective recruiting techniques to be able to attract the right people to your organization. You should ask the following questions:

  • Does your organization use effective techniques to get recruitment support?
  • What does your organization use to explore subsidies and other funding?
  • Do you know how to prepare job ad/posting to attract potential applicants to your organization?
  • Have you explored all the recruitment sources to find your potential applicants?
  • Does your organization provide diversity?