Find Candidates

Creative ways organizations seek new recruits determine the success of the organization.


Finding candidates to fill vacant positions for important roles can often be time consuming and sometimes even difficult. During a search through stacks and stacks of applications and resumes you may discover that you can only find a few potential candidates to fill the desired position. In order to ensure you have a greater pool of candidates to choose from that reflects the desired qualifications you as an organization seek,  businesses and organizations must increasingly turn to new alternative and creative methods to find talented new recruits.


Internal Employees- This refers to the filling of job vacancies from within the business, where existing employees are selected rather than employing someone from the outside. As the employer, you may already have the right people with the relevant skills required to do the job. Through staff meetings and notice boards, will require less training as many are familiar with the organization and it will help retain staff.

Personal Networks- through the use of your own personal network, it is an efficient way to find experienced capable and qualified candidates to fill a vacant position. Fellow members of committees and boards as well as business associates may find candidates perfect for an open position within your organization. Letting these types of colleagues know that you’re looking to fill a position can open the door to a number of potential prospects. As people in the business world keep in touch with former employees, they may help refer you to talented individuals.

Job Fairs/ Career Networking Fairs: Job Fairs are a great way to expose employers, recruiters and schools to potential job seekers. This allows organizations to collect resumes and exchanging business cards

Colleges/ Universities: by contacting area colleges and universities for potential candidates. Head of departments are probably the best place to start for this avenue. They may be able to direct suitable student graduates as candidates for the position.

Internship: By offering internship programs can bring in students and let you get to know them before hiring them.

Apprenticeships:  Apprenticeship programs allows for an individual (the apprentice) the ability to learn a trade. It is a way to learn job skills while working and earning good wages. Apprenticeship combines both classroom and on-the job experience that lets you to earn a living while you learn a skilled trade.

Classified ad/ Newspaper related print ads: Newspaper ads are still a good way to attract a wide range of applicants. The classified ad can help identify potential job opportunities and categorizes jobs into subheadings so people can look through it and find jobs of interest that match their career stream.


Company websites: You can use your organization’s website to sell potential employees about your vision, mission, values and culture of the company.  By presenting your website in a way that demonstrates how people are valued, the organization’s commitment to quality and customers, can be an appealing marketing tool for prospective high-potential employees.

Social Networking Online: Social networking is one of the easiest ways for employers to recruit which gives a wide range of options to advertise the job vacancy.

Virtual Job Fairs: Virtual job fairs give the employers the opportunity to meet face-to-face with potential candidates and getting to know them.

Job Boards: The job board is a simple method that converts web traffic into potential candidates. Using job boards will provide your ad with exposure on multiple relevant job boards, by appearing within a rotating banner.

Advertisements in newspapers and magazines: Advertising in newspapers and magazines is a good way to attract wide range of applicants that are looking for senior or executive positions. Also, applicants also look for part-time or summer job employment in these advertisements.

CV databases: These are very much like dating sites, except they’re all about finding jobs rather than love. Potential employers subscribe so they can sift through thousands of potential candidates, and narrow down their options to a handful of interviewees.